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The UAE has always been a country with a growing and varied economy. This is what has lead to the increase of businesses, companies and brands that have made the UAE their home.

We understand that investors are crucial to the success of our economy and we do all we can as an investment management group of experts to bring in the best from across retail, oil and gas, property ownership into the region. We also undertake the task of setting up these business partnerships and overseeing the proper use of the funds that have been allocated to us and the venture.

We help to establish a diverse collection of investors into applying their funds to development of various industries and transform this capital into a wealth creating platform. We also take up the responsibility of maintaining the interest of the venture and update the clients of any new developments.

The investor friendly policies as developed by our government are another factor that has helped in the development of the region. Our aim is to attract both local and foreign investors so that we can grow and continue to be a significant player in the global economy.

Following in the example of Dubai, the rest of the UAE is now recognizing the over whelming demand in commercial, tourist and residential accommodation and have begun to duly capitalize on their developmental advantages owing to their tourism potential and their geographical location. This is another reason why a number of investment managementcompanies in UAE are increasing as investments have to be maintained. The following are just some of the advantages that we feel that the UAE can offer investors:

  • The UAE has an economy that is thriving and is constantly growing; this growth is also due to the booming tourist industry that attracts investments and business interest from around the world.
  • The UAE is a federation that is highly industrialized with one of the more powerful economies in the world. This status is reflected in the GDP per capita that is ranked 5th in the entire world and 3rd in the Middle East region after Kuwait and Qatar.
  • The prices in property and the rental values are set to grow in many of the Emirates that are fueled by the increase in the cost of land. According to HSBC Middle East, the prices in Abu Dhabi have risen to 75%.
  • The appreciation of capital is also very strong and an average of 20% to 40% per annum is expected in the upcoming years in keeping with the ongoing success of the UAE economy and the demand for new property. Merging this with the rental yield of about 6% to 10% leads to a successful investing.
  • Investors expect to see a fast and substantial increase in the prices as the demand for property and the construction costs increase upwards.
  • According to the Abu Dhabi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the growth rate that ahs been forecast for the UAE economy is set at 13%.
  • The Emirates have been working extensively to liberalize their polices that relate to business, commerce and investments. The purpose of this is to encourage foreign companies and individuals to invest and be a significant part of this development process.
  • The cost of living is relatively low and there are no taxes unless specified-these are incentives that are meant to attract investors and other foreign companies towards the expanding the operations in the industrial cities and the free zones on the Emirates.
  • Facilities that include the best recreational and shopping complexes and quality construction continue to attract discerning home buyers, tourists and investors alike.
  • The expatriate workers formulate over 75% of this population and are continuing to grow, they are constantly seeking for quality accommodation and other avenues through which they can spend earnings that are tax free. These leads to positive effects on the markets hotels and recreational and shopping facilities.
  • There are upcoming and current infrastructure programs that are underway in order to maintain the highest quality across all services in the UAE.
  • The tourism industry is a significant factor that cannot be overlooked, with a number of luxury facilities, wonderful weather and an easy access that attracts foreign visitors’ accounts for 0.5% of the world wide demand from tourists.

As an investment management company we know where these opportunities lie and try our best to bring them forward for the interests of our clients. We try our best to maintain these industries and still be on the look out for those possibilities that will suit our more discerning clients.

This is our goal as a investment management development company; we maintain the interest of our clients and also those of the region by brining in their funds to improve the local economy.