Chairman Message

There are numerous channels through which the success of a company can be assessed. At GCC Royals, we see a company as being truly successful when they are able to discover new ways through which they can return the rewards that they have received through their hard work to the society in which they exist.So we only consider ourselves to be truly successful when we have made an active effort to give back to the economy of this nation. From a work point of view, we are constantly involved on an active role through out the various stages of our investment process.

This helps us to develop an established relationship and also actively take part in the corporate social responsibility initiatives that we have set up at GCC Royals Investment management & Development LLC Dubai.Our reason for doing so is very simple; our society makes up the environment that we work in so it is essential for us to be able to sustain this environment in some form. We encompass certain project that are outside of the world of business activities or a company and are not directed towards the making of certain profits. These projects are built around a developmental approach and use corporate resources that help in the betterment and the up lifting of members of the communities.Our corporate social initiatives have its origins in the value that it adds to our reputation; we are an Investment management & development LLC Dubai company that cares for its community and for its clients.

This same efforts also applies to the way in which we approach and manage our clients, we always establish social entrepreneurship as the main aim when investing in our bigger grants. It is the more logical extension of the commercial operations that we have here at GCC Royals. It also builds on our history of supporting those in many social areas, more notably in making stronger and investing into our local economy.Our clients are also important to us, so we take every effort to ensure that their investments are secure and that their earnings are taken care of. Keeping this objective in mind, we have developed certain initiatives that revolve around the provision of opportunities and are investing in our community for hose people.

These initiatives have been integrated with our business strategy.We rank environmental sustainability and social rank as equally important to the profits or the financial gains that we have in our UAE investment development company. This is because we believe strongly in the concepts related to social responsibility and also sustainable investments. This is not simply a charitable venture that has to be done but rather an important and critical business objective or imperative that is constantly our choices that we make on sustainable investments.Within our company portfolio is contained various initiatives and practices that are supported by our company and its employees.

Our ultimate goal is to help other businesses to become more aware of the necessity of sustainability in the business world.We treat our corporate social responsibilities as a way through which we self regulate our systems, processes, business practices and our values. This is the reason what we have integrated these initiatives into our business strategy. This integration helps our company to stay on track with the ethical standards, laws, and other global norms as well.

Mohammad Nawaz Jadoon